What is The Transology Association?
Transology is a Support  Association for the greater York
County Pennsylvania Transgender Community and
surrounding localities. We will be specializing on the needs
for those Transgender individuals living and wanting to live
full time as their Preferred Gender. We will also concentrate
on other transgender individuals and their families to provide
help support and assistance as well. Our main goal is to
concentrate on providing assistance to Transgender
individuals and their families needs and to help all
transgender individuals reach their goals and dreams.

We are not Professional Counselors, We are not Doctors,
Psychologists or Psychiatrists. We are transgender
individuals who have lived and worked full and part time as
our preferred Genders and have experienced most all of the
issues, problems, family problems and discrimination that the
transgender population has to endure just being who we are in
life. Some of us are retired and have dedicated our retirement to helping the transgender community as best as we possibly can. Some of us have studied the transgender subject for many years just trying to find out who we are and why we are who we are. We are well versed on most all transgender subjects and want to help others who want to live their dream of being who they really are in their life. We all have many years of  helping the transgender community and transgender individuals with issues and problems, some we have helped and some we had to refer to professional help. We have met with York city officials talking about transgender issues, discrimination and other transgender affairs in the past years. We are here to try and make our community better and want to help make other's individual lives peaceful, safe and enjoyable just being who they really are in their life.

We are interested in helping with and discussing  Transgender Housing and Housing Search, Jobs and Job Search, Medical Care, Retirement, Discrimination, Helping with Family and Spouse Support, Support with your Employer, Transitioning, Name Change, Birth Certificate Name Change, Drivers License Gender ID and much more  for those living Full and Part time as their preferred Gender.

Our office will be open 5 days a week, Monday through Fridays from 3 PM to 7 PM. Anyone who wishes to come into our office looking for help, guidance, support, information or anything related to  transgender, will receive  that help free of charge. If you had a bad day in your transgender lifes journey that day or any other day and just need someone to talk to just come in and we will listen and try to help in anyway we can. If you have a question, do not hesitate to knock on our door for the answer. If we cannot provide an answer we will direct you to someone who can. Our doors are open to the transgender community to help in anyway we can. No issue or problem will be to big or to small to talk about and try to help to the best of our ability.

Who can come into our office for help or information

Transgender Individuals seeking help.support, information and guidance
Transgender Individuals or their family members in crisis
Family Members of transgender individuals
Parents raising transgender children
Transgender Individuals raising their children
Employers wanting to learn about transgender employees
City officials needing information about transgender subject or help with transgender issues
School Representatives or School Board members seeking help or information
General Public wishing to learn about the transgender community
Homeless individuals or Families seeking help
Transgender Support Groups wishing to join us
Anyone seeking help, support, guidance, education, Information etc....

We welcome the general public to drop in if they wish to learn about the transgender communmity and what a transgender individuals life's journey is like.

We are here to help bring diversity and equality to the transgender commuity and general public.

We welcome you to just drop in to just to say HELLO ....
Who are we?
Meet Our Team
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Our staff consists mostly of people who have experienced living and working full time as their prefered gender and have successfully fulfilled those needs in life and living their dream of being who they really are. Now, they want to share how they did that with others to try and make life easier for them. It is not an easy road to travel but it is possible to accomplish the goal of being happy and living as who you really are in life.

Transology will not be a group to get involved in the Federal or State levels of Politics for Transgender Community needs, there are already groups taking care of that need. However, we will do all we can Politically for York City and Local York County Transgender Communities. One of our staff was successful in meeting with the York Mayor to help get the Transgender Non Discrimination Ordinances passed for York City.  Our focus on the needs for the local Transgender Community are important to us due to the fact no one else is going to be there for them or really care.
What We will be Researching to expand our knowledge
1.) Research and Document how the fetus develops into a Transgender person wanting to live full time as their preferred gender according to the
    different studies available
2.) List the different transgender groups under the transgender umbrella.
3.) Explain each of the different transgender groups in detail
4.) Document the issues transgender Individuals face on their journey to become their brain gender
5.) Research the needs of transgender individuals living full time on an every day basis
6.) Document the steps needed to having Gender Reassignment surgery
7.) Document the steps to receiving Hormones for transgender individuals
8.) Document the problems transgender individuals face on their journey to living life as their preferred gender
9.) Document the issues and problems of receiving health benefits for any Transgender individuals
10.) Document the problems faced by transgender individuals wanting to live full time as their preferred gender when they come out
      to family
11.) Document the problems Transgender individuals face for employment
12.) Document the issues transgender individuals face for housing
13.) Document the need for retirement homes for any Retired transgender individuals and Crossdressers
14.) Document the problems Crossdressers have with family and friends when found out accidentally
15.) Document the need for Crossdressers to dress when the need and compulsion to dress as their internal gender surfaces
16.) Document the issues and problems society has with Transsexuals and Transgender Individuals due to the lack of Transgender
      education in  the straight society
17.) Document the procedures for name changes on Drivers License and Social security.
18.) Document the suicide rates for the transgender individuals living full time as their preferred gender
19.) Document the reason why crossdressers commit suicide
20.) Document the reasons why Transgender individuals commit suicide
21.) Document the rules and regulations for a transgender individual to get Gender Reassignment surgery
22.) Document the cost of a transgender individual who wants to Transition
23.) Document the steps needed for a transgender individual to Transition
24.) Document the problems that may and or will occur when coming out to family Document the problems that may and or will occur
      when coming out to employers
25.) Document how depression affects a Transgender individual when society and family reject them
26.) Document the rate of unemployment for a Transgender individual
27.) Document the rate of poverty in the Transgender communities
28.) Research and document issues that transgender School Students face on a daily basis
29.) Research and Document issues transgender Individuals face when raising their own children
30.) Research and Document the issues and problems parents face raising a transgender child
31.) Research and Document divorce rates of Transgender Transwomen when their spouse finds out they wish to live full time as their
      preferred gender
32.) Research and Document the issues and problems Transwomen face in a divorce trying to get custody of their children
33.) Research and Document the Gender ID of Bi Gender

The Transology Association
   The York Office for Transgender Affairs
      32 North Queen Street, York, Pa.
     Office Phone - (717)-650-2247

We are a Non Profit  501(C)(3) Association Dedicated to helping the Transgender Communities and Homeless Population by Offering Free Education, Support Services and special programs for the Transgender Community
To ......... The Greater York Pennsylvania Transgender Community
From ...  The York Office for Transgender Affairs Board of Directors   Letter to the Transgender Community
Office for
The York Office for Transgender Affairs
Hours: TBA
32 North Queen Street
York, Pa 17403
Michael/Michelle GreyFeather: 717-332-1247

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The Transology Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit  Association
Donations and Gifts are tax deductible by Local, State and Federal Laws
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We have posted a guest book on the bottom of the main pages in the web site for your convenience to enter your Comments, Suggestions and other Information you wish to provide for The Transolgy Association, York Office for Transgender Affairs and Homeless Services and / or for the Transgender Community.

Your input is very important to us so we can improve our web site for you and help the the Transgender Community and the  Homeless population... If there is something you would like to see added to the web site or something you would like to have started in the Community, Please ... let us know and we will do our best to get it accomplished. We are in the office 5 days a week presently from 3 PM to 7 PM to help you and the Community as best as we can and to the best of our ability. Everything we do for you and the Community is free of charge.
New Program starting for
Parents Raising Transgender Children
A new Program for Parents Raising Transgender Children will begin on To be rescheduled in York, Pennsylvania. This program is designed to bring Parents that are Raising Transgender Children together in a safe and secure location to meet and discuss what they have learnt about raising a transgender child with each other, the problems that may have occurred and how they solve and dealt with the issues and care that comes with raising a transgender child. This will provide a place where parents can form an alliance with each other and help each other with the issues and share their experiences. There may be parents attend the program gathering that are just beginning their journey raising their transgender child. This will help them get through the difficult days a little easier by learning the dos' and don'ts' that can be shared from the experience of other parents who have been raising their transgender children and help make the Childs life a little better. An experienced Therapist, who has worked with and provided therapy and counseling for Parents Raising Transgender Children will be in attendance to answer the many questions that come up while raising a transgender child.

If you are a Parent Raising a Transgender Child and are interested in attending this program please click here to go to the program attendance information form online and fill out the form and send it to us with your contact information. You can also use the following e-mail address ... information@thetransologyassociation.org, to send us your contact informatiom...  or you can call our office at 717-650-2247 anytime to leave us a message with your phone number and or e-mail address so we can contact you with the Date, Location and Time of the Program. You can also call ... Monday through Friday from 3 PM to 7 PM to talk to a Transgender Business Agent or Representative. If you know of a parent raising a transgender child please give them this important information. Peer support between parents can help tremendously with some of the issues, care and understanding of raising a transgender child.

We like to keep the Date, Location and Time private and only provide this information to those who are interested in attending any of our programs as a safety feature for those in attendance and for the privacy of the Parents. ... We look forward to meeting everyone and discussing what more we can offer to help parents and the community.
Notice of Transgender Community Meeting in 2022
There is a upcoming meeting scheduled to be held in York, Pennsylvania .. To be rescheduled ...  for the People and their families who live within the Transgender Community of York, Pennsylvania and surrounding locations.

The Transology Association, York Office for Transgender Affairs will be holding a Transgender Community Meeting in 2022. This meeting is being developed so the residents of the York and surrounding Transgender Communities can gather together in a safe and secure location to discuss what the York Office for Transgender Affairs can do to help better the lives of those who live in the transgender community .......

We're sorry but
Due to the New Covid strain this program will be rescheduled at a later date
We're sorry but
Due to the New Covid strain this program will be rescheduled at a later date